The Assembler serializes content items, including any Workbench content, as XML in the Workbench (or on a file system in a production environment). This XML is deserialized during an assemble() call when retrieving a content item to pass it to its cartridge handler.

You can also use the included classes to serialize the Assembler response to a format that is more convenient for use in your front end application. For example:

// Invoke the Assembler on myContentItem
ContentItem responseContentItem = assembler.assemble(myContentItem);
// Serialize the Assembler response to JSON
JsonSerializer serializer = new JsonSerializer(response.getWriter());

When Assembler is deployed as a service, the Assembler service web application needs to specify a serializer that will be used for the response.

For detailed information, refer to the documentation for the com.endeca.infront.serialization package in the Assembler Core API Reference (Javadoc).

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