For some cartridges, it is appropriate for aspects of their configuration to be overridden at query time. Typically, request-based configuration is specified as URL query parameters. This section covers the URL query parameters for the core cartridges included with Tools and Frameworks.

By default, the Assembler is configured to use the following parameters:

These parameters are described in detail in the following sections. For additional information about the URL query parameters for the core cartridges, refer to the Assembler API Reference (Javadoc) for the relevant RequestParamMarshaller subclass. These classes define the URL parameters that each cartridge accepts, and their mappings to properties on the cartridge configuration model.

The following URL query parameters determine the display of search results in the Results List cartridge. They are typically set in the front-end application by the end user.

The Nrt parameter optionally sets search terms for a Relevance Ranking enabled record search query.

You can apply Relevance Ranking to a subset of your MDEX Engine query by specifying the desired terms in the Nrt parameter.

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