The Assembler Navigation package provides a set of Search and Guided Navigation cartridges for use with the MDEX Engine. These cartridges are included in the endeca_assembler_navigation-<version>.jar file.

The reference application includes templates that use these navigation cartridges to enable configuration in Experience Manager and render the resulting data in a front end application.

A navigation cartridge exposes MDEX engine features to an Assembler application. It also enables a business user to configure powerful Guided Navigation features using UI components that can be customized by an application developer to fit business needs.

The navigation cartridges include the following:

The Results List cartridge displays MDEX Engine search results for an end user query. It is backed by a com.endeca.infront.cartridge.ResultsList content item object, which extends the com.endeca.infront.assembler.BasicContentItem interface.

The input to the Assembler consists of a configuration model -- a content item with MDEX Engine query information such as the end user's search terms, selected search refinements, sorting options, and records per page. These are passed in as a com.endeca.infront.cartridge.ResultsListConfig object.

The ResultsListHandler generates a query from the properties on ResultsListConfig, then sends the query to the MDEX Engine. It instantiates a ResultsList content item using the query response, and copies over some of the properties from the configuration model (such as records per page and sorting) directly. This view-friendly ResultsList object is then returned to the application for rendering.

Cartridge configuration comes from the following sources:

The Results List cartridge handler combines the default, instance, and request-based values to create a query to send to the MDEX Engine. The values are used to populated the ResultsList content item and return it to the application for rendering.

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