The Dimension Value List editor enables a content administrator to select a list of dimension values from the application data set.

To add a Dimension Value List editor:

The following shows an example of a Refinement Menu template that uses two Dimension Value List editors to specify boosted and buried refinements, instead of a Dimension Value Boost-Bury editor:

    "@description": "${template.description}",
    "@group": "Navigation",
    "ecr:createDate": "2016-09-12T17:33:58.404+05:30",
    "@thumbnailUrl": "thumbnail.jpg",
    "ecr:type": "template",
    "defaultContentItem": {
        "lessLinkText": "Show Less Refinements...",
        "numRefinements": "10",
        "@name": "Dimension Navigation",
        "dimensionId": "",
        "moreLinkText": "Show More Refinements...",
        "maxNumRefinements": "200",
        "sort": "default",
        "showMoreLink": false,
        "dimensionName": ""    },
    "editorPanel": {
        "editor": "editors/DefaultEditorPanel",
        "children": [
                "editor": "GroupLabel",
                "label": "Boost and Bury Dimension Refinements"
                "editor": "editors/DimvalListEditor",
                "dimensionIdProperty": "dimensionId",
                "label": "Boost Records",
                "propertyName": "boostRefinements"
                "editor": "editors/DimvalListEditor",
                "dimensionIdProperty": "dimensionId",
                "label": "Bury Records",
                "propertyName": "buryRefinements"
<!-- additional elements omitted from this example -->
    "typeInfo": {
        "boostRefinements": {"@propertyType": "List"},
        "buryRefinements": {"@propertyType": "List"},
        "dimensionId": {"@propertyType": "String"},
        "dimensionName": {"@propertyType": "String"},
        "lessLinkText": {"@propertyType": "String"},
        "maxNumRefinements": {"@propertyType": "String"},
        "moreLinkText": {"@propertyType": "String"},
        "numRefinements": {"@propertyType": "String"},
        "showMoreLink": {"@propertyType": "Boolean"},
        "sort": {"@propertyType": "String"}

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