Templates are saved as JSON files named _.json that are then uploaded to Experience Manager. Each template is required to have a unique identifier.

The unique template identifier is the folder name where the _.json file resides. For example, in ThreeColumnNavigationPage\_.json, the folder name, ThreeColumnNavigationPage, is the template identifier. The identifier appears as the name of the cartridge in the cartridge selector in Experience Manager. The value should be as descriptive as possible to help the user select the appropriate template, for instance, "ThreeColumnWithLargeBanner" or "HolidaySalePromotion."

Template folder names must be unique within your application. Templates with non-unique identifiers are not available in Experience Manager. Oracle recommends that you treat templates as part of your application's configuration and store them in a version control system. It can also be useful to include a template version number in a property for debugging.

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