The microbrowser is used in several editors in the core cartridges to enable a content administrator to specify a set of records. It is deprecated in this release; use the Select Records dialog instead.

The microbrowser is a lightweight search and Guided Navigation application that enables a content administrator to browse to a particular location in the data set (which may include search terms, dimension refinements, or a combination of both). The content administrator can then do one of two things:

An instance of a microbrowser is usually bound to a list property, which contains items that represent either refinements or record IDs.

The microbrowser communicates with the MDEX Engine to retrieve search and navigation results.

The microbrowser uses a data service to access MDEX Engine information. By default, the service is configured to provide relevant record properties for the Discover Electronics reference application.

The data service is configured in the file <app dir>config\import\configuration\tools\xmgr\_.json, as shown below:

    "name": "dataservice",
    "host": "",
    "port": "15002",
    "recordSpecName": "",
    "aggregationKey": "product.code",
    "recordFilter": "",
    "wildcardSearchEnabled": false,
    "recordNameField": "",
    "fields": {
        "": "",
        "": "plain",
        "product.price": "currency",
        "product.short_desc": ""

It specifies the following:




The name of the service, "dataservice".


The hostname or IP address of your MDEX Engine server. By default, this is populated with the same host as the authoring MDEX Engine when you deploy the Discover Electronics reference application and run the initialize_services script.


The port that the MDEX Engine server listens on. By default, this is populated with the same port as the authoring MDEX Engine.


The dimension used as the record specifier. This must be a unique identifier.


Optional. Enables aggregated records mode in the microbrowser, using the specified property or dimension as the aggregation key when displaying and sorting records. All records with the same value in the selected dimension or property are treated as a single record.


Optional. The property used to filter records for record boost and bury.


Optional. Wildcard search is enabled by default. If your configuration does not index dimensions by wildcard index, you must explicitly set this property to false.


Optional. The property that should be used to represent the name of a record.


Each key in the array of key/value pairs specifies a property or dimension to display as a column in the microbrowser. Optionally, you may specify a formatting value from among the following:

Running <app dir>\control\set_editors_config pushes changes to the Discover Electronics reference application.

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