The Sitemap Generator uses a URL configuration file that must mirror your URL configurations in order to output a sitemap that matches your Web application.

The Sitemap Generator creates a site map by issuing a single bulk query against the MDEX Engine to retrieve the necessary record, dimension, and dimension value data. It uses this information to build an index of pages. The formatting of the URLs it creates is controlled by the urlconfig.xml file located in the conf subdirectory of your Sitemap Generator installation directory. For example: C:\Endeca\SEM\SitemapGenerator\<version>\conf

To ensure that the URLs in the sitemap are consistent with the URLs produced by the Assembler, configuration in the URL configuration file must correspond to the Sitemap Generator's urlconfig.xml file.

Because the urlconfig.xml file included with the Sitemap Generator uses the same format as the sample urlconfig.xml file for the Assembler API, you can copy the urlconfig.xml file for sitemap generation.

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