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Oracle® Rack Cabinet 1242 Power Distribution Units User's Guide

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Updated: March 2018

Types of PDU Metering Unit SNMP Traps (Original PDU)

The following table describes the SNMPv2 traps the metering unit can send to SNMP agents on the network (over UDP port 162). In the trap descriptions, ModuleNum/PhaseNum corresponds to the module number and phase number of the PDU (for example, Module1/Phase2).

SNMP Notification
Keep alive
The PDU sends a KeepAlive-Trap message to the SNMP host to ensure that the link between them is operational.
Sent after a PDU power cycle.
Info low
InfoLow-Trap on ModuleNum/PhaseNum
Attached equipment is using less current than expected.
PreWarning high
PreWarningHigh-Trap on ModuleNum/PhaseNum
Attached equipment is using more current than expected.
Alarm high
AlarmHigh-Trap on ModuleNum/PhaseNum
Attached equipment is using a critical amount of current and requires immediate attention.
Return to normal
ReturnToNormal-Trap on ModuleNum/PhaseNum
After sending an alarm trap, the attached equipment has returned to using the expected amount of current.
Out of balance
OutOfBalance-Trap on ModuleNum/PhaseNum
The equipment attached to one phase is using more current than the other phases on the module. The PDU and attached equipment require immediate attention.