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Oracle® Rack Cabinet 1242 Power Distribution Units User's Guide

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Updated: March 2018

Send System Log Messages to Systems on the Network (Enhanced PDU)

You can set the PDU to send system log ( syslog) messages to up to four systems on the network. syslog is the standard UNIX system logging utility, which monitors critical system events and configuration changes. These syslog messages are sent to the systems using user datagram protocol (UDP) port 514.

For more information about syslog, refer to the Oracle Solaris documentation and the syslogd(1M) and syslog.conf(4) man pages.

Example PDU syslog message:

Lines IN0: L1:  0.96kW  0.96kVA  8.02A 120.0V L2:  0.47kW  0.56kVA  4.65A 121.6V L3:  0.50kW  0.56kVA  4.66A 121.1V
Lines IN1: L1:  0.93kW  0.93kVA  7.75A 120.0V L2:  0.47kW  0.55kVA  4.59A 121.6V L3:  0.47kW  0.53kVA  4.44A 121.1V 
Inputs: IN0:  1.93kW IN1:  1.88kW
PDU:  3.82kW

In the example, Lines IN0: L1: 0.96kW 0.96kVA 8.02A 120.0V, is a message for Input 0, Phase 1. The PDU is consuming 8.02A, 0.96 kVA, and 0.96kW with 120.0V applied.

Inputs: IN0: 1.93kW, displays the message of the power consumed by Input 0.PDU: 3.82kW, displays the message of the power consumed by the PDU.

  1. Access the PDU metering unit from a system on the network.

    See Access a Metering Unit on the Network (Enhanced PDU).

  2. Click on the Net Configuration link and log in as an admin user.

    See Login Information.

  3. Select the Syslog tab.

    Note -  This screenshot applies only to FW version 2.01, not FW version 2.02. The syslog and reset functionalities are not available in FW version 2.02.

    image:Figure showing how to set the Syslog parameters.
  4. For FW version 2.01, click the Syslog Enable checkbox to enable remote syslog message logging, then click the Submit button.

    Note -  This step is no longer required beginning with FW version 2.02.
  5. Type in up to four IP addresses and click the enable box next to the IP address of systems you want the metering unit to send syslog messages, then click the Submit button below the IP addresses.
  6. Set the time duration between sending syslog messages.

    Valid time settings include:

    • Hours: 0 - 23
    • Minutes: 0 - 59
    • Seconds: 0 - 59

    For example, if you set the duration for 12 hours, the PDU sends syslog messages every 12 hours.

  7. Click the Alarms checkbox to send alarm messages over syslog messages.

    If checked , and if you set threshold parameter values (see Set Threshold Parameter Values (Enhanced PDU)), the metering unit sends alarm messages when threshold parameter values are reached.

    Possible syslog alarm messages are shown in Enabling and Configuring SNMP (Enhanced PDU).

  8. Click the Submit button to enable these syslog settings.
  9. Select values to be sent to syslog systems then click the Submit button to enable.