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Oracle® Rack Cabinet 1242 Power Distribution Units User's Guide

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Updated: March 2018

Access a Metering Unit on the Network (Enhanced PDU)

After you connect the PDU metering unit to the network, you can use a web browser to access the metering unit from any system on the network.

Note -  HTTPS is the default setting.
  1. Determine the IP address of the PDU metering unit.
    1. Use the static IP address you configured the metering unit to use.
    2. Press the Select Input button until the PDU information appears.
    3. Ask your network administrator for the IP address assigned by the DHCP server. Refer to the DHCP server's documentation for instructions on listing devices connected to the DHCP network.
  2. On a system connected to the network, type the metering unit IP address in a web browser's address line to connect to the PDU metering unit.

    Once connected, the browser displays the Metering Overview page.

    Note -  All users can view the Metering Overview and Module Info pages. If you attempt to view another page, you are prompted to log in.

    image:Figure showing the login prompt.
  3. When prompted, log in as an admin or a user.

    See Login Information.

    Note -  You are automatically logged out after 10 minutes of inactivity. You can also log out by clicking on the Logout button.