Commerce Reference Store includes the Commerce Reference Store custom tag library. These tags are implemented as .tag files, which are found in store.war/WEB-INF/tags/store/.

Some of the custom tags are similar to gadgets in that they encapsulate reusable pieces of functionality. Other tags, known as container tags, make up a key aspect of the Commerce Reference Store page architecture. A container tag can insert standard elements in a page, and also encloses a <jsp:body> tag for rendering the main page content. For example, many pages use the <crs:pageContainer> tag, which adds header, footer, and navigational elements to the page. This approach significantly reduces the number of JSP includes that are required.

The following example of using a container tag is adapted from the store.war/checkout/confirmResponse.jsp page in the checkout process:

<crs:checkoutContainer currentStage="success" title="${title}">
     <dsp:include page="gadgets/confirmResponse.jsp"/>

In this example, the <crs:checkoutContainer> tag displays an indicator that the order has been placed successfully, and the enclosed <jsp:body> tag includes a gadget that renders information about the order.

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