Commerce Reference Store has two catalog items in the Catalog repository, masterCatalog and homeStoreCatalog. ATG Store US and ATG Store Germany both use masterCatalog as their default catalog. ATG Home uses homeStoreCatalog as its default catalog.

masterCatalog contains two categories:

The rootCategory should not be visible to a Web site visitor, although its child categories and products should be. Neither the NonNavigableProducts category nor its children should be visible to a Web site visitor. For this reason, both categories are explicitly excluded from the index. For details on these exclusions, see the Configuring the Indexing Components chapter in the Endeca Integration Guide.

The following figure illustrates the masterCatalog structure:

This illustration is described in the preceding text.

Similarly, homeStoreCatalog has two root categories, homeStoreRootCategory and homeStoreNonNavigableProducts, that perform the same functions for homeStoreCatalog that rootCategory and NonNavigableProducts do for masterCatalog.

masterCatalog and homeStoreCatalog share the Home Accents category and all of its constituent products and SKUs. Therefore, changes made to the Home Accents category will affect both catalogs.

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