The main shipping page is store.war/checkout/shipping.jsp, which uses the /atg/commerce/order/purchase/ShippingGroupFormHandler to create and manage shipping groups. Commerce Reference Store changes the class of this component to, which is a Commerce Reference Store-specific subclass of the Commerce atg.commerce.order.purchase.ShippingGroupFormHandler class.

The store.war/checkout/shipping.jsp page conditionally includes different options, depending on the items in the order. For example, if the order includes more than one hardgood item, the page includes a link to the store.war/checkout/shippingMultiple.jsp page. This page includes the store.war/checkout/gadgets/shippingMultipleForm.jsp gadget, which creates a form that enables customers to select shipping options for each item individually.

A customer who is logged in can select previously saved shipping addresses or enter new ones. A customer who is not logged in must manually enter shipping addresses.

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