In addition to the components described earlier in this section, both the class and the /atg/userprofiling/PropertyManager component include functionality to support the recently viewed products feature.


When an anonymous customer browses the Commerce Reference Store web site, a list of recently viewed products is maintained for the customer. If the customer subsequently logs in, the list needs to be persisted. In order to support this functionality, the Commerce Reference Store class, which is an extension of atg.commerce.profile.CommerceProfileFormHandler, includes a property called recentlyViewedProducts. This property holds a list of the anonymous customer’s recently viewed products so that it can be processed after the customer logs in. Along with the recentlyViewedProducts property, StoreProfileFormHandler overrides two of the CommerceProfileFormHandler methods and adds a new method:


The /atg/userprofiling/PropertyManager component holds a map of repository item property names and the hard-coded references to those properties used in the Commerce Reference Store code base. This map is useful in cases where a repository item property name changes. In such situations, you only need to update the repository item property name in the PropertyManager component, instead of having to update all of the references to the property name in the Java code. The recently viewed properties that are added to the PropertyManager component include:

# recentlyViewedProduct names

The PropertyManager component is of class, which is an extension of the atg.commerce.profile.CommercePropertyManager class.

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