A scenario is a choreographed series of interactions with your Web site visitors. In a scenario, you anticipate and track the actions of the people who visit your Web site, and respond appropriately by, for example, tailoring the content of the Web site, offering price promotions, or sending targeted e-mail messages. You must view Commerce Reference Store scenarios using the ATG Control Center. Scenarios are not viewable in the Business Control Center.

To view Commerce Reference Store scenarios:

  1. Start up Commerce Reference Store and the ATG Control Center. For details on starting Commerce Reference Store, see the ATG Commerce Reference Store Installation and Configuration Guide. For details on starting the ATG Control Center, see ATG Personalization Guide for Business Users.

  2. From the navigation menu, select Scenarios.

  3. Make sure By Folders is selected from the filtering menu.

  4. Expand store. Commerce Reference Store scenarios are stored under the /store directory.

  5. Click a /store subdirectory, and then select a scenario to view it in the Scenarios editor.

This section describes the scenarios implemented in Commerce Reference Store. These include scenarios that provide content, scenarios that grant promotions and scenarios that confirm order placement and shipping.

Note: Commerce Reference Store no longer uses the CurrentPromotions and BestSellers scenarios.

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