This section describes additions and modifications to the SKU item descriptor.


The giftWrapEligible property is a Boolean that indicates whether an item is eligible for gift wrapping. The store.war/cart/gadgets/giftWrap.jsp gadget invokes the /atg/store/droplet/ShowGiftWrap servlet bean component to determine if the gift wrap options should be shown on the shopping cart page. At least one of the hardgood items in an order must have a giftWrapEligible value of true for Add Gift Wrap option to be rendered. The Add Gift note option is always rendered, regardless of the giftWrapEligible property. The illustration below shows the gift wrap options the customer sees in her shopping cart.

This illustration is described in the preceding text.

The margin property store sales margin data for each sku, for example, a margin of .12 indicates that 12% of the sku’s price is profit. Note that, in Commerce Reference Store, this data is static, manually populated, and intended for demonstration purposes only. Typically, this property would be populated by a third-party system. The ResultsList cartridge included on the default browse page uses the margin property in its relevance ranking strategy.


The taxStatus property tags items with different product codes that indicate whether a product should be taxed. Commerce Reference Store adds a gift_wrapping code because, typically, gift wrapping charges should not be included when taxes are calculated. See Designating Tax Status of Products in the ATG Commerce Programming Guide for more details on using tax status codes.


type is an enumerated property that classifies the type of SKU. store.war/global/util/displaySkuProperties.jsp uses this value to determine what type of SKU it is rendering and, hence, what type of information should be provided. Possible values are:

See Custom Item Descriptors in the Catalog Repository for more information on the clothing and furniture SKU sub-types.

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