In Experience Manager, Commerce Reference Store defines a browse page, accessed via the /browse URL, as its starting point for page-based queries. The browse page has a single Endeca content slot for items of type Page. Commerce Reference Store configures this slot to get its content from the /content/Web/Web Browse Pages content collection.

The Web Browse Pages content collection contains two items: Category Page and Default Browse Page. The Category Page item is triggered when the query is composed solely of a dimension value from the Category dimension. The Default Browse Page is triggered for all other conditions. Both pages use the TwoColumnPage template with its three sections--HeaderContent, SecondaryContent, and MainContent--however, the cartridges included in the three sections are slightly different.

Note: Any mechanism that generates links for the browse page must use the /browse URL (note that a different URL is configured for the browse page for mobile applications). Commerce Reference Store cartridge handlers use the /atg/endeca/assembler/cartridge/manager/DefaultActionPathProvider component provided with the ATG Platform to generate these links properly. See Controlling How Cartridges Generate URLs in the Endeca Integration Guide for more information on this component.

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