Commerce Reference Store assigns a pair of price lists to each customer, with one price list containing the list prices for each SKU in the catalog, and the other price list containing sale prices for the SKUs that are currently on sale (and empty values for SKUs that are not on sale). If a SKU has a sale price, the sale price is selected; otherwise the list price is selected. The resulting value is referred to as the active price.

Price lists are assigned to a customer through the priceList and salePriceList properties of the customer’s user profile. Commerce Reference Store sets these profile properties based on the defaultListPriceList and defaultSalePriceList properties of the current site’s siteConfiguration item.

For example, on the siteConfiguration item for the ATG Store US site, the value of the defaultListPriceList property is listPrices, and value of the defaultSalePriceList property is salePrices. Therefore, when a customer visits this site, the profile properties are set as follows:


The following logic is used to determine the prices used for guided navigation:

See the ATG Endeca Integration Guide for more information about how this logic is implemented.

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