Commerce Reference Store stores the XML files that configure Experience Manager in the <ATG10dir>/CommerceReferenceStore/Store/Storefront/deploy/cartridge_templates directory. This directory contains XML templates for all of the cartridges that are actively used in Commerce Reference Store. It also contains XML definitions for cartridges that are not used in Commerce Reference Store but could be useful for developers who base an application on Commerce Reference Store.

The JSP renderers for the cartridges that are used in Commerce Reference Store are located in the store.war/cartridges directory. The path to each JSP renderer follows this convention:


For example, the path to the Breadcrumbs cartridge renderer is:


Each renderer has its own directory, so that associated content (sub-pages, images, and so on) can be grouped together, making it possible for renderers to be packaged as stand-alone units. Providing a unique name for each renderer makes it easier to distinguish one file from another during various tasks such as editing.

Note: See Retrieving Renderers in the Endeca Integration Guide for details on how the correct renderer is retrieved for each cartridge.

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