For each request, Commerce Reference Store determines which cascading stylesheets to use, as described in the Cascading Stylesheets (CSS) section of the Pages and Navigation chapter. Commerce Reference Store ships with two main cascading stylesheets:

  • store.war/css/site/home.css for ATG Home

  • store.war/css/site/store.css for ATG Store US and ATG Store Germany

These two stylesheets define styles for user interface items such as buttons, icons, borders, and so on. The home.css stylesheet references images in storedocroot.war/content/images/atghome while the store.css stylesheet references images in storedocroot.war/content/images/atgstore. These directories hold site-specific images for user interface elements for ATG Home and ATG Store, respectively. If your new related regional store requires a different look and feel, you may need to create additional stylesheets and images to support the new look, as well as update the CSS linking logic described in the Cascading Stylesheets (CSS) section mentioned above.

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