Commerce Reference Store includes a multisite search control that allows customers to search only the current site or to search the sites that share a shopping cart with the current site. For example, on the ATG Store US site, the control looks like this:

This illustration is described in the surrounding text.

This search control appears on virtually all Commerce Reference Store pages. It is created by the Search Box cartridge, which is placed on the page using the /atg/endeca/assembler/droplet/InvokeAssembler servlet bean. (This servlet bean is invoked by the <crs:pageContainer> tag, as discussed in the Using Cartridges chapter. InvokeAssembler enables cartridges to be included on ATG-driven pages.) The renderer for the Search Box cartridge, store.war/cartridges/SearchBox/SearchBox.jsp, creates the text input field and checkboxes for specifying the sites to search. The control includes a checkbox for each site that shares a shopping cart with the current site.

The SearchBox.jsp renderer also invokes the /atg/endeca/assembler/SearchFormHandler component, which is of class This form handler determines the sites to search based on which checkboxes are selected, and stores the site IDs in the /atg/endeca/assembler/SearchedSites component. The /atg/endeca/assembler/cartridge/manager/filter/SiteFilterBuilder component then creates a record filter to restrict the records returned to only those associated with those sites.

See the ATG Endeca Integration Guide for more information about record filtering.

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