The store.war/cart/gadgets/giftWrap.jsp gadget on the shopping cart page is responsible for rendering the gift wrap and gift note options. The gift note option is displayed for all orders. To determine whether to render the gift wrap option, giftWrap.jsp invokes the /atg/store/droplet/ShowGiftWrap servlet bean. If the giftWrapEligible property is true for at least one hardgood SKU in the order, the gift wrap option is displayed as well:

This illustration is described in the surrounding text.

If the customer selects the gift wrap option, it applies to all of the SKUs in the order whose giftWrapEligible property is true. It is not possible to select the gift wrap option for some SKUs and not for others. The price of gift wrapping is the same regardless of the number of SKUs.

The giftWrap.jsp gadget includes the /atg/store/order/purchase/CartFormHandler component, which manages adding the gift wrap and gift note to the order. Gift Wrap is an actual SKU that is added to the order if gift wrapping is selected.

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