Commerce Reference Store has three content types that correspond to the three sections of the TwoColumnPage template: HeaderContent, SecondaryContent, and MainContent. The lists below show the cartridges that exist for each content type. Asterisks mark the cartridges that are custom built for the ATG platform. The other cartridges are included with the Endeca platform.

HeaderContent cartridges include:

SecondaryContent cartridges include:

MainContent cartridges include:

In addition to the three content types defined for the TwoColumnPage template, Commerce Reference Store has one additional content type, SearchBox. There is one cartridge that uses this content type, also called SearchBox. Commerce Reference Store uses this cartridge to render the search box that appears in the header on each page (see SearchBox for more details).

Note that Commerce Reference Store defines more cartridges than it actually uses. Specifically, Commerce Reference Store defines the PromotionalContent-ATGTargeter, ProductSpotlight-ATGSlot, ProductSpotlight-ATGTargeter, and ProductSpotlight-ATGCategoryRelatedProducts cartridges but it does not use them on its pages out of the box. These cartridges are provided for the convenience of developers who use Commerce Reference Store as a starting point for their own custom development.

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