The main shopping cart page is store.war/cart/cart.jsp. This page is accessed by clicking the Checkout link on the upper right part of most pages. The shopping cart page provides options for managing the contents of the cart: changing item quantities, removing items, entering promotion codes, etc.

The cart.jsp page uses the /atg/store/order/purchase/CartFormHandler to manage the contents of the cart. This component is of class, which is a Commerce Reference Store-specific subclass of the standard Commerce atg.commerce.order.purchase.CartModifierFormHandler class.

The shopping cart page includes a Checkout button that initiates the standard checkout process. The page also conditionally includes an Express Checkout button. See the Checkout Process section for more information.

ATG Store US and ATG Home share a shopping cart. A customer can put items from both sites in the same cart, and check out on either site. The shopping cart page indicates the site for each product in the cart. If a product is available on both sites, the cart page reflects the site the product was actually added to the cart from. Different discounts and promotions may be applied depending on which site the customer checks out from.

Note that in addition to the shopping cart page, Commerce Reference Store includes a JavaScript-based shopping cart dropdown that enables customers to see the contents of their cart without leaving the current page. (See Rich Shopping Cart Widget in the Pages and Navigation chapter.) The dropdown is primarily informational, rather than a means of managing the cart. The customer must still access the shopping cart page to modify the cart or initiate checkout.

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