Endeca-driven pages can take advantage of ATG slots and targeters, through the use of cartridges that reference ATG slots and targeters. When a cartridge references a slot or a targeter, it is the equivalent of a JSP page requesting content from a slot or targeter. Commerce Reference Store includes four cartridges that allow an Experience Manager user to add ATG slots or targeters to a page. The PromotionalContent-ATGSlot and PromotionalContent-ATGTargeter cartridges display promotional content items in the left hand rail of both the category and browse pages. The ProductSpotlight-ATGSlot and ProductSpotlight-ATGTargeter cartridges display products in the main content area of both category and browse pages. Each cartridge type has a property that references the ATG slot or targeter to use when retrieving content for the page where the cartridge has been placed. See the PromotionalContent-ATGSlot, PromotionalContent-ATGTargeter, ProductSpotlight-ATGSlot, and ProductSpotlight-ATGTargeter section of the Using Cartridges chapter for more details.

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