Both the DAF and DPS modules contain logic for adding entries to the segment list that is sent to the Assembler. The DAF module is responsible for adding sites and site groups to the list, while DPS adds ATG user segments to the list.

The DAF module includes the request-scoped /atg/endeca/assembler/cartridge/manager/user/LiveUserState component. This component is of class atg.endeca.assembler.navigation.LiveUserState. The LiveUserState class is an extension of the com.endeca.infront.navigation.UserState class that overrides the getUserSegments() method with a call to a LiveUserState.computeSegments() method that computes the list of sites and site groups to be added to the segment list. Segment names are added to the userSegments property via the addUserSegments() method.

The DAF module contains the following configuration for the LiveUserState component:


This configuration specifies that, when the LiveUserState component adds a site to the segment list, it prefixes the site’s ID (as defined in the Site Manager UI) with site., for example:


A similar situation exists for site groups. Site group IDs are prefixed with sitegroup., for example:


It is important to remember that any manually added segments in Experience Manager must also follow these same naming conventions.

The DPS module extends the LiveUserState class with an override to the computeUserSegments()method that retrieves the current shopper’s ATG user segments and adds them to the segment list as well. The DPS module adds a userSegmentPrefix property to the LiveUserState component’s configuration. Out of the box, this property is null, meaning no prefix is added to ATG user segment names before they are added to the segment list.

Note: Commerce Reference Store includes a special user segment, CategoryOnly, that functions as the trigger mechanism for category pages. This user segment is added programmatically and does not appear in the ATG user segments in the Business Control Center. For more information, see the ATG Commerce Reference Store Overview.

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