The following targeters return promotionalContent items.


The AbandonedOrderPromotion targeter returns the 10% off your next order promotional content item, shown below, to all customers in all site contexts. The store.war/emailtemplates/abandonedOrderPromo.jsp e-mail template calls this targeter directly when it constructs the e-mail that is sent to customers, notifying them that they have been granted the abandoned order promotion.

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CategoryPromotionContent1, CategoryPromotionContent2

The CategoryPromotionContent1 and CategoryPromotionContent2 targeters return different promotionalContent items that inform the customer about various promotions, such as the example below which shows the promotionalContent item for the Save $10 on all orders over $100 promotion:

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The promotionalContent item returned is based on site context and the customer’s current location in the category tree. For example, when the current site is ATG Home, CategoryPromotionContent1 returns the following:

Both targeters define a default rule set, which is used by ATG Store US, and override rule sets for the ATG Home and ATG Store Germany sites.

The category page and the default browse page both use these targeters. Specifically, these pages include instances of PromotionalContent-ATGSlot cartridges that reference the CategoryPromtionContent1 and CategoryPromotionContent2 ATG slots. These slots call the categoryPromotion scenario to get their content and the scenario, in turn, calls the CategoryPromotionContent1 and CategoryPromotionContent2 targeters.


The HomeTheme targeter returns a promotionalContent item that contains a splash image for the home page.

The HomeTheme targeter defines a default rule set that returns a generic splash screen. This default rule set gets used by any newly added sites, thereby ensuring that a newly added site will always have a splash screen. The HomeTheme targeter also includes two override rule sets, one for ATG Store US and ATG Store Germany and another for ATG Home. These overrides define different splash screens based on site context and user segment. For example, the following is the home page image for the Men Only user segment on ATG Store US:

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The Theme scenario uses the HomeTheme targeter to populate the splash image on the home page.

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