The following illustration shows the architecture that supports the recently viewed products functionality:

This illustration is described in the following text.

This diagram shows both the process for updating the recently viewed list and the process for retrieving and rendering the Recently Viewed panel on the product detail page.

When updating the recently viewed list, the following happens:

When rendering the Recently Viewed panel on the product detail page, the following happens:

  1. The product detail page includes the store.war/browse/gadgets/recentlyViewed.jsp gadget.

  2. The recentlyViewed.jsp gadget calls the RecentlyViewedFilterDroplet to initiate filtering. The RecentlyViewedFilterDroplet calls the RecentlyViewedFilter to filter the list of recently viewed products.

  3. RecentlyViewedFilter invokes some RecentlyViewedTools methods to remove any non-existent or expired products from the recently viewed list, and then filters any remaining products in the list based on the site context and site scope.

  4. RecentlyViewedFilter returns the filtered list to RecentlyViewedFilterDroplet for rendering in the Recently Viewed panel.

    For detailed information on this process, see Filtering Products in the Recently Viewed List.

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