This section describes the process by which Oracle Recommendations data is rendered when a customer accesses a Commerce Reference Store page.

Commerce Reference Store uses the ADC processor pipeline to insert Oracle Recommendations code in site pages. The pipeline is triggered by JMS events that are fired when a customer views a page or performs certain actions.

The ADC processor pipeline inserts in all Commerce Reference Store pages:

In addition, on category pages and product detail pages, the Commerce Reference Store JSP code inserts a container <div> element that specifies information about the recommendations to be included.

When a page loads, the call to the JavaScript library is executed. A request is sent to Oracle Recommendations that includes the clickstream information and, if there is a container <div>, also includes the information in the <div>. If there is a container <div>, Oracle Recommendations returns a response containing the recommendations, which are passed to the specified JavaScript renderer, which modifies the HTML on the page to display the recommendations.

Note that some of the mechanisms used to trigger the ADC processor pipeline and to render HTML used by Oracle Recommendations differ depending on whether the page is Endeca-driven (i.e., category pages and search result pages) or ATG-driven (all other pages). These differences are discussed in the sections below.

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