This table lists the customers that belong to each user segment:

User Segment



Kim Anderson

Men Only

Adrian Robinson
Alex Jackson
Andrew Wright
Brandon Johnson
Chuck Taylor
Eric Adams
Jacob Smith
Juan Rodriguez
Peter Nelson
Stuart Schmidt
Vincent Lee

Women Only

Amy Scott
Anna Mitchell
Anna Parker
Elisabeth Robinson
Erica Clark
Kim Anderson
Lindsay Moore
Lisa Moore
Maria Lopez
Rachel Thomas
Victoria Lewis

In addition to the segments listed above, Commerce Reference Store implements two user segments, ThirtySomethings and Young, that are based on a customer’s age profile property. age is a derived property that changes over time as a customer gets older. Because these segments are age-based, the customers included in them will also change over time. The ThirtySomethings segment includes customers whose age is greater than or equal to 30 and less than 40. The Young segment defines young customers differently on different sites:

To see a customer’s age and user segments, do the following:

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