Commerce Reference Store has a number of JSPs that are used to dynamically construct e-mail messages that are sent out when customers perform certain actions. There are 8 top-level e-mail templates:

Like other top-level pages, these templates render much of their content through inclusion of gadgets and other JSP files. For example, store.war/emailtemplates/backInStockNotify.jsp includes store.war/emailtemplates/gadgets/backInStockSkuDetails.jsp.

The e-mail templates take into account the site context, so messages can display site information, such as the large icon for the site they are associated with. To create links, the templates use the /atg/dynamo/droplet/multisite/SiteLinkDroplet servlet bean to render fully qualified URLs. Site configuration properties are used to set the e-mail sender addresses. For example, the sender address for orderShipped.jsp is taken from the site configuration’s orderShippedFromAddress property.

Unlike other Commerce Reference Store pages, the e-mail JSPs contain inline styling information, rather than referring to external .css files. This is because some e-mail clients don’t support external .css files. As a result, the styling for a given page is the same for all sites.

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