Most of the styling information for Commerce Reference Store is stored in external .css files that are loaded by the store.war/includes/pageStart.jsp and store.war/includes/popupStart.jsp files. Using these .css files avoids the need for inline style definitions. (The e-mail JSPs are an exception; they do contain styling information, because some e-mail clients don’t support external .css files.)

Commerce Reference Store adds a cssFile property to the siteConfiguration item type of the Site Repository. This property is used to specify the base CSS filename for each site. The values stored for the three Commerce Reference Store sites are shown in the table below:


Base CSS Filename

ATG Store US


ATG Store Germany


ATG Home


Most Commerce Reference Store pages have a <crs:pageContainer> tag, which includes the store.war/includes/pageStart.jsp file. Similarly, popups have a <crs:popupPageContainer> tag, which includes the store.war/includes/popupStart.jsp file. These JSP files contain code for determining which site-specific CSS files to load. This code retrieves the context path from the originating request and uses that, in conjunction with the base CSS filename from the site configuration’s cssFile property, to build the pathname of the CSS files to include.

The individual filenames are determined by appending language-specific and browser-specific strings to the base filename. For example, store.war/css/site/store_de.css contains German-specific styling for ATG Store Germany, and store.war/css/site/home_es_ie.css contains Spanish-specific styling for ATG Store US in Internet Explorer.

Other CSS Files

In addition to the site-specific CSS files mentioned above, Commerce Reference Store also has several style sheets that provide a foundation used for all Commerce Reference Store sites. These files are found in store.war/css/.

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