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Oracle® Server X6-2L Service Manual

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Updated: January 2018

Install a Rear Storage Drive

Note -  Rear storage drives are supported in the twelve 3.5-inch storage drive and twenty-four 2.5-inch storage drive configurations only. Rear storage drives are not supported in the eight 2.5-inch storage drive configuration.
  1. If necessary, remove the drive filler panel.
  2. Determine the drive slot location for the replacement drive.

    If you removed an existing drive from a slot in the system, you must install the replacement drive in the same slot as the drive that was removed. Drives are physically addressed according to the slot in which they are installed. See Rear Panel Components and Cable Connections for boot drive locations.

  3. Slide the drive into the drive slot until it is fully seated.
    image:Figure showing how to install a rear-mounted storage                            drive.
  4. Close the drive latch to lock the drive in place.
  5. Perform administrative procedures to reconfigure the drive.

    The procedures that you perform at this point depend on how your data is configured. You might need to partition the drive, create file systems, load data from backups, or have the drive updated from a RAID configuration.

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