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Oracle® Server X6-2L Service Manual

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Updated: January 2018

Switching Between Legacy BIOS and UEFI Boot Modes

When switching between Legacy BIOS Boot Mode and UEFI BIOS Boot Mode (either direction), BIOS settings that affect the Boot Options Priority list settings will be changed. If the boot mode is changed, the boot candidates from the previous boot mode disappear. The boot candidates for the newly changed boot mode appear after you save your changes and reset the host and in the next boot to the BIOS Setup Utility.

Because the settings for a given mode do not persist after a transition between modes, you should use the BIOS Backup and Restore feature to capture and preserve the BIOS configuration if you intend to switch back to the previous boot mode and want to retain your previous BIOS settings. For information about the BIOS Backup and Restore feature, refer to the Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) 3.2 Documentation Library at http://www.oracle.com/goto/ilom/docs.

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