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Oracle® Server X6-2L Service Manual

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Updated: January 2018

BIOS Main Menu Selections

This section includes a screenshot of the BIOS Main Menu. The options that are available from the Main Menu are described in the table that follows. Options in the table that are marked as “(R/O)” are read-only information and cannot be changed.

image:This figure shows the BIOS Main Menu image.

The following table describes the options provided by the BIOS Main menu and sub-menus.

Table 22  BIOS Main Menu Options
Setup Options
Project Version (R/O)
BIOS version is displayed. This string is a unique identifier used to reference a specific BIOS release. Format is XXYYZZPP, which indicates:
  • XX - Unique project/platform code.

  • YY - BIOS major release.

  • ZZ - BIOS minor release.

  • PP - Build number.

System Date
Current date is displayed. You can change the date setting.
Example: [Thu 06/20/2014]
System Time
Current time is displayed. You can change the time setting.
Example: [13:38:27]
QPI Link Speed (R/O)
6.4 GT/s
7.2 GT/s
8.0 GT/s
9.6 GT/s
Intel Quick Path Interconnect (QPI) operational speed is displayed. The SLOW option displays as unknown in single-processor systems.
Total Memory (R/O)
Memory in gigabytes is displayed.
Example: 224 GB
Current Memory Speed (R/O)
Memory speed is displayed.
Example: 1333 MHz
USB Devices (R/O)
Detected USB devices are displayed.
Example: 1 Drive, 2 keyboards, 1 mouse, 3 hubs
BMC Status (R/O)
Detected condition of the service processor.
Example: BMC is working
BMC Firmware Revision (R/O)
The service processor firmware version is displayed.
Example: r84011
Product information is displayed.
Product Name
Product name is displayed.
Example: Oracle Server X6-2L
Product Serial Number
Product serial number is displayed.
Example: 1134FML00V
Board Serial Number
Board serial number is displayed.
Example: 0328MSL-1132U900
Attributes of a single processor (CPU) are defined. A separate information structure is provided for each processor supported in the system. Most of the values are dependent on the processor.
Socket 0 CPU Information (R/O)
If CPU socket 0 is populated, the following options are listed. Otherwise, displays “Not Present.”
Genuine Intel CPU @ 2.6 GHz
Processor ID brand is displayed.
CPU Signature
Processor information is displayed.
Example: 306F1
Microcode Patch
Software update (microcode patch) information is displayed.
Example: 80000011
Max CPU Speed
Maximum non-turbo speed of the processor is displayed.
Example: 2100 MHz
Min CPU Speed
Minimum speed of the processor is displayed.
Example: 1200 MHz
Processor Cores
Number of available processor cores is displayed.
Example: 18
Active processor cores
Number of active processor cores is displayed.
Intel HT Technology
Indicates whether Intel Hyper Threading is supported.
Intel VT-x Technology
Indicates whether Intel Virtualization Technology is supported.
L1 Data Cache
Example: 448
L1 Code Cache
Example: 448
L2 Cache
Example: 3584 KB
L3 Cache
Example: 35840 KB
Socket 1 CPU Information (R/O)
If CPU socket 1 is populated, the same options as Socket 0 CPU Information are displayed. Otherwise, displays “Not Present.”
Memory module (DIMM) presence and size information are displayed.
Socket 0 DIMMs (R/O)
For D0...D11, if a DIMM is present, memory size (in gigabytes) is displayed. Otherwise, displays “Not Present.”
Socket 1 DIMMs (R/O)
Same as CPU socket 0.
Configure the security setting.
Administrator Password
Set the Administrator password.

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