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man pages section 5: File Formats

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Updated: Wednesday, February 9, 2022

ppdcfile (5)


ppdcfile - cups ppd compiler source file format (deprecated)


Please see following description for synopsis


ppdcfile(5)                       Apple Inc.                       ppdcfile(5)

       ppdcfile - cups ppd compiler source file format (deprecated)

       The CUPS PPD compiler reads meta files that contain descriptions of one
       or more PPD files to be generated by ppdc(1).  This man page provides a
       quick  reference  to  the supported keywords and should be used in con-
       junction with the online help for CUPS.

       The source file format is plain ASCII text that  can  be  edited  using
       your  favorite  text editor. Comments are supported using the C (/* ...
       */) and C++ (// ...) comment mechanisms.

       Printer driver information can be grouped and shared using curly braces
       ({  ...  }); PPD files are written when a close brace or end-of-file is
       seen and a PCFileName directive has been defined.

       Directives may be placed anywhere on a line and are followed by one  or
       more  values.  The  following is a list of the available directives and
       the values they accept:

       #define name value

       #elif {name | value}



       #font name encoding "version" charset status

       #if {name | value}

       #include <filename>

       #include "filename"

       #media name width length

       #media "name/text" width length

       #po locale "filename"

       Attribute name "" value

       Attribute name keyword value

       Attribute name "keyword/text" value

       Choice name "code"

       Choice "name/text" "code"

       ColorDevice boolean-value

       ColorModel name colorspace colororder compression

       ColorModel "name/text" colorspace colororder compression

       ColorProfile resolution/mediatype gamma density matrix

       Copyright "text"

       CustomMedia  name  width  length  left  bottom  right  top  "size-code"

       CustomMedia  "name/text" width length left bottom right top "size-code"

       Cutter boolean-value

       Darkness temperature name

       Darkness temperature "name/text"

       DriverType type

       Duplex type

       Filter mime-type cost program

       Finishing name

       Finishing "name/text"

       Font *

       Font name encoding "version" charset status

       Group name

       Group "name/text"

       HWMargins left bottom right top

       InputSlot position name

       InputSlot position "name/text"

       Installable name

       Installable "name/text"

       LocAttribute name "keyword/text" value

       ManualCopies boolean-value

       Manufacturer "name"

       MaxSize width length

       MediaSize name

       MediaType type name

       MediaType type "name/text"

       MinSize width length

       ModelName "name"

       ModelNumber number

       Option name type section order

       Option "name/text" type section order

       PCFileName "filename.ppd"

       Resolution colorspace bits-per-color row-count row-feed row-step name

       Resolution  colorspace  bits-per-color  row-count   row-feed   row-step

       SimpleColorProfile resolution/mediatype density yellow-density red-den-
       sity gamma red-adjust green-adjust blue-adjust

       Throughput pages-per-minute

       UIConstraints "*Option1 *Option2"

       UIConstraints "*Option1 Choice1 *Option2"

       UIConstraints "*Option1 *Option2 Choice2"

       UIConstraints "*Option1 Choice1 *Option2 Choice2"

       VariablePaperSize boolean-value

       Version number

       See attributes(7) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       |Availability   | print/cups       |
       |Stability      | Volatile         |

       PPD files are deprecated and will no longer be supported  in  a  future
       feature  release of CUPS.  Printers that do not support IPP can be sup-
       ported using applications such as ippeveprinter(1).

       Source code for open source software components in Oracle  Solaris  can
       be found at https://www.oracle.com/downloads/opensource/solaris-source-

       This    software    was    built    from    source     available     at
       https://github.com/oracle/solaris-userland.    The  original  community
       source   was   downloaded    from     https://github.com/apple/cups/ar-

       Further information about this software can be found on the open source
       community website at http://www.cups.org/.

       ppdc(1), ppdhtml(1), ppdi(1), ppdmerge(1), ppdpo(1), CUPS  Online  Help

       Copyright (C) 2007-2019 by Apple Inc.

26 April 2019                        CUPS                          ppdcfile(5)