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Updated: Wednesday, February 9, 2022



mech, qop - RPCSEC_GSS mechanism and QOP files




The /etc/gss/mech and /etc/gss/qop files contain tables showing installed security mechanisms and the Quality of Protection (QOP) associated with them, respectively. As security mechanisms are installed on the system, entries are added to these two files. Contents of these files may be accessed either manually or programmatically. For example, manually with cat(1) or less(1), or programmatically with either rpc_gss_get_mechanisms(3C) or rpc_gss_get_mech_info(3C).

The order of entries in the /etc/gss/mech file is significant: the order should be from the most preferred to the least preferred mechanisms.

The /etc/gss/mech file contains five fields:

mechanism name

ASCII string representing the mechanism.

object identifier

RPC OID for this mechanism.

shared library

Shared library which implements the services provided by this mechanism.

kernel module

Kernel module which implements the services provided by this mechanism.

library options (optional field)

Optional parameters that are interpreted by the individual mechanism with which they are associated. Specific supported options are described in the documentation for the individual mechanism, if any. Not all mechanisms have support for optional parameters. library options must be enclosed in brackets ([ ]) so they may be differentiated from the optional kernel module entries.

The /etc/gss/qop file contains three fields:

QOP string

Name, in ASCII, of this Quality of Protection.

QOP value

Numeric value by which RPC identifies this QOP.

mechanism name

ASCII string representing the mechanism with which this QOP is associated.


Example 1 A Typical Entry in /etc/gss/mech

This is a typical entry in a /etc/gss/mech file:

kerberosv5	1.2.840.113554.1.2.2	mech_krb5.so	kmech_krb5
Example 2 A Typical Entry in /etc/gss/qop

This is a typical entry in a /etc/gss/qop file:

GSS_KRB5_CONF_C_QOP_DES	0	kerberosv5


See attributes(7) for descriptions of the following attributes:

Interface Stability

See Also

rpc(3C), rpc_gss_get_mech_info(3C), rpc_gss_get_mechanisms(3C), rpcsec_gss(3C)

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