Each Search project creates an indexing environment on the local machine. Configuration of order and profile search is done using the Dynamo Admin UI. For additional information on search environments, refer to the Managing Search Environments chapter of the ATG Search Administration Guide.

  1. On your Search server, start the remote server by running the /Search/Search9.3/SearchAdmin/bin/startRemoteLauncher script.

  2. Open the Dynamo Admin UI at http://hostname:port/dyn/admin/nucleus/

  3. Click the Create a new live indexing environment link. Two buttons appear for creating Order and Profile search environments.

  4. Click the buttons to create one of the environments and enter the details of your search engine. You can either select the check box for your existing machine or enter the address of another machine.

  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to create additional indexing environments.

  6. Click the Environments link to display the current default environments. Two environments, a live indexing and a bulk index, are created for both Profile and Order processes.

    Note: If you choose different environment names than the default ATGProfile and ATGOrder, you must edit the /atg/userprofiling/search/
    and /atg/commerce/search/
    components to reflect the search environment names and corresponding logical partition names.

  7. Use the Environment page to manage your environments.

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