To create a ProductSkuRenderer, modify the atg/commerce/custsvc/ui/renderers/
component path. The render components that should be extended are atg.commerce.csr.rendering.RenderInfo with atg.commerce.csr.rendering.SkuRenderInfo.

Create new properties that describe how to render each table column. Property names can be actual SKU property names or symbolic names such as price and status. Symbolic properties, or property names that do not represent actual properties of the SKU, specify a JSP in the renderer property.

The ProductSkuRenderer uses the standard pageOptions property to specify form handler, URL properties and other information. The pageOptions properties include:

# JSP fragment that renders the "Add to Cart" button
# Form handler to use

The properties variable includes:


By default, the ProductSkuRenderer page uses skuItem.propertyNameto display the SKU property.

The property renderer specifies optional JSP files that are used to render named cells.


Each fragment renders its column header and column cell

  <c:when test="${area == 'cell'}">
    render cell content
  <c:when test="${area == 'header'}">
    render column header content
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