Click to Call pop ups are links that live within the HTML of your customer-facing web page and appear when specific criteria have been met. For example, you can create a popup that becomes available if your customer has remained on a page for more than ten seconds.

When creating a timed Click to Call pop up, you create a Timeout Link that has a time out length indicating the amount of time that the user remains on the page, for example ten (10) seconds. Then you identify the link icon and the location of the pop up on your commerce page.

The majority of the Link Builder fields will use the default values. For additional information on the eStara Link Builder tool, refer to the eStara documentation or the eStara field screen assistance. Modify the fields as outlined below:

  1. Open eStara Webcare. Use the Set Up menu and select the Link Builder tool. From the Add New options, select timeout to access the Link Customization screen.

    You’ll use this screen to configure and customize the links that are presented to your customers.

  2. Enter a Link Name.

  3. Use the Link Type drop down menu to select Timeout.

    The Timeout link type is used to display links that appear after a specific amount of time.

  4. Enter the Language in which the link will be presented.

  5. Enter the Phone Number of your call center or agent by selecting the country and entering the country code and phone number.

  6. Enter a UI Title. The title you provide will be displayed as the title bar in the browser when the customer selects the link.

  7. Select the Link Icon. You can select an existing link that is stored on the eStara site, or you can add a custom URL that displays a custom icon. If you select the custom URL, enter the full DNS name of the link, the port number and the path for the location of the icon. For example:


  8. Use the Timeout in Seconds field to enter the amount of time that a customer is on your web page before the link is made available. For example enter a time out value of 10.

  9. Set the Positioning fields. Identify where on your webpage you want the pop up to appear and enter the location in pixels.

    For example, you can set the pop up to appear 650 pixels from the left of the page and 350 from the top of the page.

  10. Click Add Link to save the link. The new link is listed in the Link Summary table.

This sets a pop up link that appears if the customer has remained on your commerce web page for at least 10 seconds.

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