Some portions of the UI use a technique that makes the rendering of pages, or portions of pages, configurable through Nucleus components. This feature allows you to customize page content without unpacking the web application, modifying its JSP, and then repackaging the modified application. Customization in this context means the addition or replacement of JSP.

Examples of customizations with Nucleus components include the Products View Panel, which is accessed in /panels/catalog/productView.jsp. The Product View Panel contains the ProductInformation panel, the ProductSku panel and the CrossSellItems panels.

Additional pages that can be rendered include the ProductInformationPopup page, which includes the QuickViewSkuTable, the ProductInformation panel and the ProductQuickViewPopup panels. The ProductInformationPopup page is accessed from the item description.

Another example of customization includes the SkuProductPopup, which is accessed using the SkuChangePopup. When the SkuChangePopup is activated, the SkuChangePanel and SkuChangeTable, as well as the ProductInformation panel, are displayed.

You can change the SKU of CommerceItem objects in an order. The CSRCartModifierFormHandler contains the handle method handleChangeSKUs() that uses the changeSKUsSuccessURL and changeSKUsErrorURL properties, as well as the pre/post handler methods.

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