Click to Call and CSC can be configured to work with or without a CTI system. With a CTI system, once the unique call information has been obtained, the CTI system initiates a browser screen. The browser invokes a URL that passes the caller ID as a query parameter. CSC looks up the call token from Webcare using the caller ID, looks up the customer information using the call token, and configures the agent’s environment with the customer and order information.

CSC also provides a mechanism for your CTI system to authenticate an agent. The CTI system can be configured to pass the agent username to CSC for authentication. The authentication process requires that the system must pass a salted hash of the username for security. If you do not wish to configure authentication, agents can log in to CSC manually using the CSC log in screen.

You can integrate your CTI system using eStara WinCare to obtain the caller ID information from a screen scrape. To use WinCare, you need to install and configure the WinCare system on each agent’s desktop.

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