When the customer initiates a call, their customer and order information is written to the ATG database. A unique call identification number as well as the customer’s phone number are sent to eStara Webcare. This information is transmitted using an ATG-eStara token that creates a unique identifier that correlates the call with the customer’s call data. The token is passed to the eStara system and is used later to obtain the data for the call.

Once eStara has obtained the token, it establishes a call with both the telephony system (CTI) and the customer. The telephony system initiates the call with the agent.

Once the agent or the CTI system has entered the phone number into a CSC Start Call screen, CSC obtains the information about the call using an ATG-eStara token and presents the agent with the customer’s order information. The agent then assists the customer as with any other CSC call.

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