When the application is started yet your new tab, panel stack or panel is not visible, check the following common causes:

  1. Verify that the enableYn property is set to true (the default value).

  2. If you are using an access right other than GlobalPanels, verify that your access right has been created in the appropriate repository. If unsure, set the accessRight to GlobalPanels, which is an access right with no restrictions. The GlobalPanels access right can be used for both tabs and panels.

  3. Verify that the tabId property (for a tab) or the panelId property (for a panel) is defined in the /atg/svc/configuration/FrameworkComponents Nucleus component. If you are using a custom configuration layer, use the ACC to confirm that the correct component is active. Note: This applies to tabs and panels only.

  4. If a tab is not displaying, verify that the tabId for the tab was added to the tabIds property in the workspace FrameworkDefinition item as described above.

  5. If a panel stack is not displaying, verify that the panelStackId for the panel stack is added to the panelStackAssignments, currentPanelStacks and panelStackOrder properties of the TabDefinition item as described above.

  6. If a panel is not displaying, verify that the panelId for the panel is added to the panelIds property in the PanelStackDefinition item as described above.

  7. If the top panel in the panel stack is not displaying, verify that the tabHolderYn property is set to true.

  8. If a panel other than the top panel is not displaying, verify that the tabHolderYn property is false.

  9. If tabbed panels are not displaying, verify the following:

  10. If all the data is consistent and the item is still not displaying, check whether the following state-saving tables have stale data that is interfering with the loading of the new data. In the admin schema, remove all the data from the following tables and restart the server (if tables are non-empty):

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