Once you have enabled your site to use scheduled orders as outlined in Enabling and Disabling Scheduled Orders, the following customizations can be made. For additional information on customization of scheduled orders, refer to the ATG Commerce Programming Guide.

The CSRScheduledOrderFormHandler creates two variables, the CalendarSchedule variable used for specific days, and the PeriodicSchedule that is used for interval schedules. Additionally, the CSRScheduledOrderFormHandleris responsible for creating and updating the scheduled order repository item based on the input provided from the agent.

In addition to these two schedule types, CSC provides an additional N number of intervals option used with PeriodicSchedule that an agent can use to limit the number of scheduled intervals. This schedule option automatically calculates the schedule’s end date by calculating the schedule’s nextRunTimen number of times starting from the specified start time.

Note: The number of intervals is used only to calculate the end date and will not be available when a schedule is viewed or updated.

CSRScheduledOrderFormHandler contains the following configurable values for controlling the default selections on the schedule creation form.




Identifies the default schedule type. Possible values are Calendar or Interval


Controls which CalendarSchedule day selection is the default. Possible values are allDays, selectedDays, or selectedDates


Controls which CalendarSchedule month selection is the default. Possible values are allMonths or selectedMonths


Controls which Schedule end date option is the default. Possible values are none, endBy or endAfterOccurrences


Controls which CalendarSchedule occurrences option is the default. Possible values are allOcurrences or selectedOccurrences


Controls the default interval for an PeriodicSchedule


Controls the default interval option for PeriodicSchedules. Possible values are days or weeks

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