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Oracle® X5 Series Servers Administration Guide

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Updated: September 2017

Oracle System Assistant

Oracle System Assistant is a startup and maintenance tool for Oracle servers. It is embedded on an optional USB drive in a dedicated internal USB port and does not need to be installed. The components of Oracle System Assistant include:

  • A bootable, graphical utility used to perform configuration, upgrade, and installation tasks

  • Oracle Hardware Management Pack

  • Oracle Linux command-line environment

  • Operating system drivers and tools

  • Server-specific firmware

You can launch Oracle System Assistant locally or remotely by interrupting the server boot process. For instructions, see Accessing and Using Oracle System Assistant.

For more information about the utility, see Oracle System Assistant Tasks.

Note -  Oracle continually strives to improve its products. To send comments about Oracle System Assistant, contact server-sysmgmt-feedback_ww_grp@oracle.com.