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Oracle® X5 Series Servers Administration Guide

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Updated: September 2017

Configure RAID (Oracle Hardware Management Pack)

Before you begin, ensure the following:

  • The disk drives have been properly installed on the server.

    For more information, review the server service manual.

  • The host bus adapter (HBA) installed on the server is supported.

    A list of supported HBAs is provided in the server product notes.

  • If the server is running a UNIX-based platform, you have root permission.

  • If the server is running Windows, you have administrator privileges.

  • If the server is running the Oracle Solaris operating system, note the following:

    • On Oracle Solaris, raidconfig is not compatible with the raidctl CLI tool. raidconfig supports SAS2, but the raidctl tool does not.

    • For servers running Oracle Solaris, after hot-plugging any device, run the devfsadm -C command to reenumerate all of the system device nodes before running the raidconfig command.


Caution  -  This procedure erases all data on the configured disks, including the operating system if one is present.

  1. Access the operating system command line.

    For more information, see Accessing Oracle Hardware Management Pack.

  2. Use the raidconfig create raid command:

    raidconfig create raid [--level level] [--stripe-size stripeSize] [--subarrays sizeOfRAIDcomponents] [--name volumeName] [--subdisk-size size] -disks disks

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