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Oracle® X5 Series Servers Administration Guide

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Updated: September 2017

Oracle System Assistant Tasks

The following table lists the tasks you can perform using the Oracle System Assistant utility.

Navigation Pane Option
System Information
Review general information about the server, including the serial number and BIOS version, or view an inventory of server components.
Configure Network
Configure network settings for Ethernet controllers on the server.
Get Updates
Update your version of Oracle System Assistant, which consists of firmware, drivers, and server management tools.
Update Firmware
Update firmware for server components, such as host bus adapters, the service processor, or the server BIOS.
Configure Hardware
Create a RAID array, configure service processor settings, or restore the server BIOS to default settings.
Install OS
Install a supported operating system from local or remote installation media. Some operating systems supported by the server cannot be installed using the Oracle System Assistant Utility. For details, see Installing an Operating System.
Disable Oracle System Assistant, or set a keyboard language for Oracle System Assistant. Once you disable the utility, it can only be enabled from the BIOS Setup Utility.
Advanced Tasks
Access an Oracle Linux command-line environment.
Check the integrity of the Oracle System Assistant media.
Export a RAID, service processor, or BIOS configuration.
Import a RAID, service processor, or BIOS configuration.
Export Oracle System Assistant usage logs and system logs.