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Oracle® X5 Series Servers Administration Guide

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Updated: September 2017

Updating Oracle System Assistant and the Firmware Files on the Oracle System Assistant USB Drive

Before you can update your server using Oracle System Assistant, you must update Oracle System Assistant so that it has the files to install on your server.

When you update Oracle System Assistant it does two things:

  • Applies updates to the Oracle System Assistant application immediately.

  • Updates copies of software, firmware, and drivers on the Oracle Systems Assistant USB drive to the latest versions. These can be installed on the server later.

The following table lists and describes the different methods of updating Oracle System Assistant:

Action and Link
Boot from the ISO file included in the patch ORACLE SYSTEM ASSISTANT UPDATER. This installs a completely new version of Oracle System Assistant and updates all firmware and drivers so that they are available to be installed on your server.
Start Oracle System Assistant and select Get Updates. This causes Oracle System Assistant to apply selected updates to the existing version of Oracle System Assistant.
This method includes two options, remote and local:
  • Get Remote Updates: Use the Get Remote Updates tab to check for updates from My Oracle Support over the network, and then download and install selected updates.

  • Get Local Updates: Use the Get Local Updates tab to install updates from the ISO file included in the patch LOCAL UPDATE CONTENT.

To use either of the downloadable files to update Oracle System Assistant on a server that is not connected to the net, download the ISO file to a server that is connected to the net, make the ISO file available to the non-connected server using a CD/DVD drive, network location, or USB drive, and perform the corresponding replacement procedure.