The atg.repository.RepositoryItem interface is the immutable interface that represents an element from a repository. Each RepositoryItem is uniquely identified through its repositoryId property. The ItemDescriptor that describes the dynamic bean info about the item is available through the itemDescriptor property. Given the repository item, you can also know what repository it came from with the repository property. To retrieve the attributes of the RepositoryItem, use the getPropertyValue(String pPropertyName) method. You can retrieve subproperties with the DynamicBeans.getSubPropertyValue method, which takes a hierarchy property name of the form propertyName1.subPropertyName2.subSubPropertyName3.

A Dynamic Bean property mapper is registered for the RepositoryItem interface. This lets you reference the names of these properties as though they were JavaBean properties in the Oracle ATG Web Commerce Servlet Bean syntax. See the Nucleus: Organizing JavaBean Components chapter of the ATG Platform Programming Guide.